Battle of the Bulge | OXCC | 12/02/2017

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Battle of the Bulge | OXCC | 12/02/2017

Post by Tatsu » Sun Nov 19, 2017 23:29

Airsoft Op. Battle of the Bulge 2017
Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City
2941 Old Telegraph Rd, Chesapeake City, Maryland 21915

-- Scenario ---


Yet the war is far from over!

ARDENNES FOREST-And a victory it was! Adolf Hitler refused to accept defeat on the Western Front and made plans for a last-ditch attack in the Ardennes region of Germany. Hitler kept his plan secret from all but his few top advisors to truly bring a surprise attack on the Allies.
The German army was rejuvenated when Hitler expanded the eligible age for military service from 18-50 to 16 - 60 and transferred many airmen and sailors to the Army. He created
25 new divisions
Hitler calls “Volksgrenadiers,”
or people’s infantry.
Hitler’s final mission, “Autumn Mist,” attempts to pull off one of the largest offensives of the entire war against the overextended U.S.
The Ardennes Forest was the least protected region on the Western Front because the Allies believed that the rugged terrain would be difficult to attack and hard for the German tanks to get through. The problem was that the Germans also realized this…
On December 16, fourteen German army divisions punched through the Ardennes and struck the Allied line, American soldiers were utterly surprised at the assault. The German forces pushed 60 miles in two days deep into the Allied line, forming a distinctive 'bulge' on map representations, where the battle earned its name.

Malmedy massacre -Earlier today, 90 American prisoners of war were murdered by their German captors which enraged and rejuvenated American soldiers to strengthen with vengeance in their hearts.
The battle continues on the Western Front, the Allies must maintain their ground as the German army attempts to gain control up through Bastogne with the ultimate goal of reaching the harbor at Antwerp. The terrible winter weather may clear, offering the Allies much-needed supplies by air, but they must defeat the German advance.
Will the needed back-up Allied troops reach Bastogne before the Germans? We’ll see if history unravels and rewrites itself.

-- Commanders --

American Team (Blue Team):

German Team (Yellow Team):

-- Price & Raffle --

$45.00 Pre-Register
$55.00 Walk-On

-- Sponsors --

-- Timeline --

7:00AM - Registration/Mobile Store/Chrono OPEN
8:30AM - Safety Briefing
9:30AM - Game Start
12:00PM - Lunch Break
1:00PM - Lunch Break End
1:30PM - Game Starts
4:00PM - Game Ends
4:15PM - Raffle

No special attire is required.

Times may be adjusted during game day if special circumstances arise. Announcements will be made in such cases.

All players must attend the Safety Briefing. Registration & Chrono will be shut down during the Safety Briefing and will re-open afterwards. Players who do not complete Registration, Chrono or Safety Briefing by Game Start will be inserted into the game in waves by staff after completing all necessary tasks. In other words, show up on time and be ready to play by the 8:30am safety briefing.

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