Alaska Survival | Cobra One | 12/3/2017

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Alaska Survival | Cobra One | 12/3/2017

Post by Tatsu » Wed Nov 22, 2017 21:03


Gates open 9:00 game starts 10:30

This game as the name suggests will be a survival game.
There will be 2 teams each will have an apointed captain with the main goal being to build, grow and defend your camp.
Each side starts with nothing but a fire and must gather supplies to grow (cookig pot, firewood, ammo, building supplies, fuel, weapons, ext) all items will grant points and abilities for the seperate sides.
Once supplies are at base they are loged and can't be pillaged but will be re-deployed and can be gained again for additional points.
Points will be given to the two teams and per person on delivery of objects/completion of objectives.
Every player will be given "id papers" at the beginning of the game and these can be looted off players for points.

Looting: must stand within 3 feet of player bleeding out and say searching to said bleeding player. After 5 seconds the dead player must hand over there papers or say empty.

The points:
1 pont per object obtained
3 points per objective completed
2 points for every id paper
10 points for the identifying the enemy captain(must have photo or id paper)

Medic rules:
2 minute bleed out
15 seconds to revive
3 lives each player (thats 2 revives till haveing to go back to base)
1-4 medic ratio

400 fps full auto
500 fps for bolt action _ 100 ft. engagement distance

SEMI ONLY in shanty town and old town

No uniform requirements

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