Operation: Black Ice Part 2 | On Target Warfare | 12/30/2017

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Operation: Black Ice Part 2 | On Target Warfare | 12/30/2017

Post by Tatsu » Tue Dec 19, 2017 14:02


$30.00 Entry
400 fps w/ .25 bb for full auto
500 fps w/ .25 bb for sniper/dmr setup with 100 foot engagement distance.

Red Rag
Barrel Cover
We advise radios for communication purposes.

$5.00 lunch special availible at all games.
2 hotdogs, soda, and a bag of chips (your choice)

_________ GAME DETAILS ______
Come and try out your new christmas toys at OTP.

We pick up where we left off.

NATO - Tan Camo
Canadian Militia - Civilian clothing, flannel shirt recommended.
U.S. Mercs - REserved slots

As morning approaches, NATO put a pounding on the militia and drove them into packed areas.

Town became a desolate and beaten wasteland from all the bombings and fighting.

The militia were able to in the end secure a US laptop with missle coordinates among a cache of weapons and ammo. Now, here dawn approaches and both sides weary, but determied are ready to bring brutal casualties and combat to fresh front lines.
So far the militia are winning the battle, but its a slim lead.

each team will recieve an FOB.
Each side is tasked again with gaining ground, and other vital pieces to help thier side.
Co's will recieve orders as the game progresses, and we will use multiple fields for this event.

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